BRIEFING – First things first


We translate the client’s needs in a straightforward and comprehensible brief. Whichever form the end product takes, it is flawlessly tailored to the client’s identity. Just leave that to our talented designers.

The second step

The second step

Cue the creatives, who take the lead armed with the briefing and deliverables. They dive deeper into the client’s identity, shake and stir it, add a dash of dutch design and develop multiple unique concepts.

The winning concept is first developed digitally and later created as a 3D- printed prototype. This is the first of multiple samples that are provided throughout different stages of the process.

Last things last

We cooperate with more than 20 certified factories in Europe and Asia. By communicating directly with them, we can live up to our high standards in terms of responsible purchasing, clear budget- and time management and hassle-free transport.

Responsible source

We aim to leave a footprint as small as our impact is big. This means we take sustainability into consideration at every step – from sourcing sustainable materials to mostly producing in Europe.

We follow the Supplier Code of Conduct, work exclusively with certified factories and laboratory-test all products to comply with strict laws and regulations.

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